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Author permission to podfic sign up post and questions about podfic

Author Permission to Podfic Post

Not sure if you want me to podfic your story? Got questions?

This post is intended to make sure that any author that I have asked to podfic their story understands what my expectations are regarding their work. I'm trying to head off any future trouble here, folks, and while some authors give blanket permission on their profiles or in a statement, if you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you also added your permission to the appropriate comment page because I want to make sure authors understand that my policy is that I don't take down my podfic of a story if the author takes their stories down.

So. Questions an author might need to have addressed before giving or denying permission. (you don't have to comment if you don't want to give permission.

1. What is podfic?
Podfic is a fanfiction story read outloud, recorded in Mp3 format and sometimes in Mb4 (for audio books to be played on Ipods and some Mp3 players). My current projects are done in both music and music-free versions. This is because some people prefer no music or have trouble listening when music might also be played.

2. Why is giving permission to podfic something I should consider saying 'yes' to?
If you are asked to give permission to podfic your story, it means your story is loved. Podfics function as story recs; they can increase the amount of readers who will then read the story too. A podfic can entice a listener to try out your story, even if they don't read in that fandom. Podfics increase accessibility to enjoy your story if the listener has difficulty reading, or just not enough hours in the day to read all the stories they want to. Podfics can be listened to while driving, walking, doing chores, or going to sleep. In short; YAY PODFICS.

3. Will you record it if I say no?
Nope. Orphaned works at AO3, however would be considered up for grabs, since the author doesn't want anything more to do with them, but doesn't want to deprive people of the stories.

4. What do you do with the podfic after you record it?
I upload it to Megaupload, post information about the download on my LJ, DW, various communities that are podfic related, and eventually it is archived permanently at the The Audio Fic Archive. Authors have their own page at the archive, and so do readers. My page, that lists every story I've podficced is here.

5. If I want you to use a certain song or music for my story that you're podficcing, will you use it?
You can suggest something, but music choices are up to me.

6. I don't want my name associated with the podfic. Will you record my name anyway and post it?
If you tell me before I podfic it and give me permission to record (contact me for private arrangements, I'll need you to say okay in an email) then I'll leave out your name, and the posting information will list the author as anonymous. If you contact me after I've recorded it, then no. I would have to go back and edit it out, re-upload the story and I wouldn't want to ask the archive to go through the efforts needed to change the entries in the archive.

7. If I decide to take down my stories from the Internet, will you take down the podfic you did of my story?
No. Here's why: I consider podficcing to be transformative, so that when I take the source material, (your story) and add my interpretation to it, and add mood and tone through music, then it's something I've created also. It takes me eleven hours of work to end up with one hour of finished podfic, and after putting that kind of commitment into a podfic, I'm not going to remove it.

8. I'm interested in podficcing, how do I learn more about it? For meta and discussion about the issues in podficcing, there's this community: Podfic Meta. To learn about technical stuff, such as how to record, tips and such, this community is helpful: Podfic tips. For fun with podfic, there's amplificathon and Podfic Bingo.

9. Are there stories you won't podfic?
Yes. I'm not going to record anything that comes across as being in favor of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of minors, or rape, adults or children. This doesn't mean that if one of your characters think raping is fine that I will turn it down; however, there needs to be somebody objecting to exploitation like that within the story. Sex scenes are okay, as long as there is a plot in there, too, and some character exploration. I might turn down a story due to technical problems, which means I can't see how to translate your text into a listening format and have it work.

10. Does signing up in this post mean you will podfic a story of mine, if you haven't asked me for permission?
You can sign up without me asking to do one of your stories, but it doesn't mean I will do it. I've got a pretty long list right now of stories I'd like to do, but you can also jump that list by responding to any charity podficcing offers I'm participating in.

11. Will you let me know when you post the podfic of my story?
Yes. I'll email you or PM you to let you know the podfic is public and if there's a waiting time between when I finish it and when I post it, I'll send you the download links when it's finished

12. Is there anything I'm supposed to do when you notify me the podfic is released to the public?
No. I always appreciate it if an author pimps the podfic in the LJ or DW, and adds that information to their story lists, but you don't have to do a thing.

13. I have an issue that you didn't talk about, can I bring it up?
Sure. Respond to this post in the comment about questions and reactions and I'll amend the main post about that issue.

14. You asked to do my story and it's taking forever. How long do I have to wait before it's done?
It takes eleven hours to complete an hour of podfic for me, and I work full time and write and sometimes clean my house. So, it kind of depends on how Real Life is going and a lot on if my husband decides to get back up out of bed at night and wander downstairs. I record when he's asleep and he seems to have a real knack for getting back up as soon as I put on my headset microphone. Sometimes I'm just too tired to record. I edit when I can listen to something on the TV in the other room. Editing is boring. Boring, Boring, Boring. I also do paperwork for my job while watching TV.(shhhh... Don't tell my bosses) and that comes first. I intend, unless I croak, to finish any podfics that I signed up to do. Please be patient, thank you.

15.My story is a collaboration with another author or authors. How does that work?
All the authors would have to give permission in order for me to podfic the story.(Thanks, Bev, for bringing that one up.)

Okay, I can't think of anything else to cover. Except, a huge thank you to all the authors who have given me permission to podfic.

Please look at the comment heading to know which comment thread to respond to, as I'm going to use the comments to keep track of some drabbles from TS Secret Santa for an an anthology.

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