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And Weigh Our Sorrow With Our Comfort

Title: And Weigh Our Sorrow With Our Comfort
Author: Laurie laurie_ky
Artist: Debbie stoneygirl77
Genre: Slash, AU with Celtic Mythology
Word Count: ~30,000 words (including a detailed summary of the previous story - A Sea Change)
Ratings Mature
Warnings:Rape, attempted murder and child abuse of small children, description of Depression.
Summary: Blair knows he hasn't been at his best for the last three months, after he and Jim returned from their trip to Ireland. When he begins sleepwalking again, he tries to handle the feelings of depression and anger he's been denying after destroying his birthright, but without much success. Blair's dreams hold the answer but in order to gain control again of his life, he and Jim must make a journey both in the physical world and on the spirit plane.

Author's Notes: Written for sentinelbigbang 2011. This story is a sequel to a A Sea Change. Click to read a short summary. A detailed summary is listed in the links below. | Link to my LJ Master Post | Link to DW Master Post | Link to story at Artifact Storage Room 3 | link to AO3. Downloads in PDF and other formats suitable for Kindles and E-Readers are available at AO3.

Beta'ed by the lovely and generous bluewolf458, and enriched by stoneygirl77's lovely haunting banner and additional art work, which is embedded in the story. Additional thanks goes to my cheerleaders, Bluewolf and Lilacs_Rose. A huge thank you goes to the awesome mods, briarwood and pattrose for all their hard work.

A fanmix is included. What's a fanmix? It's songs that were were chosen to re-tell the story of A Sea Change and And Weigh Our Sorrow With Our Comfort, along with a story synopsis, lyrics, additonal art compiled by Laurie, and cover art by stoneygirl77. There are no links to the actual music, sorry. If you would like to discuss it further, email me at holler(AT) Otherwise these songs are probably available at Amazon or through Itunes.

Links to Story: Detailed Summary of A Sea Change | Chapter One (Denial), Chapter Two (Anger), Chapter Three (Bargaining) | Chapter Four (Depression) and Chapter Five (Acceptance) | Epilogue | DW Master Post | A Sea Change Series at AO3 | A Sea Change Series at at ASR3
Link to Artwork: Stoneygirl's Art Page on LJ
Links to Fanmix LJ | DW | AO3

Link to LJ-Master Post for A Sea Change Series(not available yet)

Tags: a sea change, a sea change series, and weigh our sorrow with our comfort, celtic mythology, fanmix, jim ellison /blair sandburg, sentinel, sentinelbigbang, shamanism, slash
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